Der Januskopf

a two-faced strategy for Rennweg

Der Januskopf is a design proposal for a system that integrates housing, productive spaces and public areas with the ambition to resolve the missing puzzle piece of Neu Marx neighbourhood, linking and framing different scales from urban to interior. Like the two-faced Roman god, Januskopf expresses itself through 2 opposite façades, responding to site’s idiosyncrasies: a translucent and semi-open winter garden stands out against the busy and polluted Rennweg, while a system of wide and gently-sloped terraces stretches out to the adjacent residential tissue in the south.

a multi-scalar machine

Januskopf express most of its relation to the city at the ground level, convergence of commercial, transportation, and logistical nodes in local, urban, and regional scale.

Local: dedicated commercial space and multi-purpose hall that can be used as weekly markets, exhibition, and event space engages the surrounding neighbours as part of the development. Furthermore, features of the logistical hub such as 24/7 delivery pick up lockers addresses the last mile issue for both theresidents and wholesalers.

Urban: On top of the existing bus, train, and tram lines that connect the site to the city center, new pedestrian path, bridge, and bike lane connects the Northern and Southern part of the site that is disengaged. Material hub will draw the makers in Vienna to source materials and engage with resident makers.

Regional: The material hub consolidates material from various wholesalers and material producers around the region. On top of the material flow, St.Marx Biocenter station gives regional access to the site.

Rennweg is optimally located to be an intermediary logistical centre between the intercity and the suburban warehouse and the wholesale facilities around Vienna. Traditional market halls which functioned as logistical nodes for cities have moved out due to densification and expansion of flow of goods. Now, most of our logistical nodes are located out in the suburbs.


Of Possible Scenarios - 2019

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